Windows 10

Windows 10's configurable user interface allows the OS to meet the needs of both tablet and nontouch users

Screen shot shows the Start menu displaying a range of application tiles

Screen shot shows three applications snapped to corners on the Windows 10 desktop, with a fourth suggested by the OS

Organizations can take steps to manage a free upgrade to Windows 10 that will be advertised broadly to many PCs

Several new features in Windows 10 enhance manageability of personally owned devices, but the highest degree of manageability requires premium editions of the OS

Chart shows a comparison of manageability features included in Windows 10

Screen shot shows the Windows Store for Business displaying Universal Windows Platform applications included in the organization's private store

Three editions of Windows 10 are similar to their Windows 7 counterparts, but key changes in features, servicing, and support will affect purchasing and migration decisions

This webinar discusses the current previews of Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016, future updates to the Windows OS that are expected, and the general roadmap for Windows client and server OSs.
This Webinar discusses the roadmap for the Windows Server and Client OSs, including future improvements to how Microsoft’s desktop OS is secured, managed and deployed that could make Windows 10 a good migration path for firms currently running Windows 7