Windows 11

An update to the Windows Package Manager is generally available.

A range of considerations and complications can come into play when planning for a deployment of shared devices. This collection of reports discuss a range of licensing and technology considerations that organizations may want to take into account to ensure their shared devices are properly licensed and ideally deployed.

A possibly overhyped service sold as removing the mania of Patch Tuesday is generally available for enterprise customers.

Windows Information Protection (WIP) is no longer under active feature development and will be discontinued in a future version of Windows.

Illustration shows options for Windows 8.1 users as no support will be available for Windows 8.1 after Jan. 10, 2023.

Microsoft’s journey to Windows running usefully on ARM-based processors continues, but organizations must understand the goals and limitations of the platform.

Microsoft upgraded 190,000 devices to Windows 11 in five weeks. What can organizations learn from Microsoft’s internal rollout?

To accomplish the upgrade, Microsoft used a variety of its products and services during the various phases.

Although Microsoft upgraded 190,000 devices to Windows 11, it failed to disclose important information that would provide real context.